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Welcome to Golta Industry Fans& Blowers Website

Author : Tony Sun Date : 2016-2-14 13:28:02
 Welcome to Golta Industry Fans& Blowers Website

For many years, Golta Industry has been a trusted name in Low pressure blowers, High temperature blowers and fans, Explosion proof fans and blowers, Conveying blowers and side channel blowers, Now, finding the world-class fans &blowers, parts and services you needed is easier than ever. With the Golta Industry new website:, you can get a better look at the products we manufactured, the replacement parts we sold and the variety of services we offered.

No matter what type of fans &blowers you're looking for, you can easily find it on the website. Or you can email to us for our complete set catalogue, our people are on line 24hours, our relative staff  will response you in very short time when receiving your email.

Find fans &blowers parts on our website

The Golta Industry website also makes it simple to find replacement parts for the fans &blowers we manufactured and sold. From motors and fans parts such housing, impeller, outlet &inlet and other extra parts we will put them on the parts list very soon, then you can explore our full catalog of parts and find whatever spares and replacements you may need.

Learn More about Golta Industry Services

From our on-site services to our 24/7 customer service and technical support line, Golta offers everything you need to keep your machines or other equipments running smoothly. Golta Industry offers one year warranty for the product, within one year, if our products have some quality problem, Golta Industry offers replacement service.