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Products > High Pressure Blowers > TB series High Pressure Blowers > 11KW 380VHigh pressure turbo blower 60262619151
Product name : 11KW 380VHigh pressure turbo blower 60262619151
Item : 60262619151
自定义参数 : 50/60HZ
自定义参数 : 220/380/480/660V
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High pressure turbo blower

0.75 ~ 15KW
1080 ~ 6000M3/H air flow
1700 ~ 7000Pa

1.Centrifugal and Turbo. 
2.High pressure,Larger flow and Light weight 
3.Blowers have Aluminum alloy material for Widespread use and offer light products. 

The I.E.C. Designed motor (1HP UP), Squirrel Cage Induction Motors & specially designated shaft can satisfy long-time-continuous operation.The professional impeller designed blowers offer Low noise and long life. The Specially designed air-flow-adjust provides stable flows and easy control.Full range styles and sufficiently finished products of each model make quickly delivery be possible.
The Centrifugal and Turbo Blowers have a wide range of applications.The numerous Applications include its use in Printing, Burning, Film Making, Household, Textile, Pollution, Dryers and Woodworking Machines. Also they are very specifically used in Plastic Extruders, Laminating, Uniform Temperature Equipment , Dust Collectors, Hot Air Blowers, Incinerators, Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industries, Machinery for Cooling and Grain Elevators 

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