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Product name : Induced draft fans
Item : 202072561825
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Induced draft fans and blowers ( Y5-47)
Induced draft fan is different with forced draft fan, induced draft fans operate by focusing the pressure and volume at the inlet of the fan to pull air through a system,they are installed at the end side of the boilers.
This series induced draft fans adopt two transmission modes: direct coupling transmission (D type) and V-belt transmission (C type). It is a single-intake air intake, and there are seven types of machine numbers No. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 12.4. Fans of all sizes can be made into two types of forward rotation or reverse rotation. Looking at the direction of rotation of the impeller from the motor side, rotating clockwise is a clockwise fan, and counterclockwise is a counter-rotating fan.

Model: Y5-47
Power: 1.5~60Kw
Air flow: 1323~21747m3/h
Pressure: 520~3756Pa

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